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A proven national provider with a unique intra-country distribution network, Freight Specialists has positioned itself as a market leader in providing effective local solutions that effortlessly integrate city and country areas.

Complete customer satisfaction

Our reputation relies on uncomplicated, inclusive and on time delivery assurance on a nationwide basis. By understanding our client’s business through an ideology of constant communication, we are able to guarantee achievement that is consistently above and beyond expectation.

We are the only regional freight carrier operating in all states and territories across Australia and New Zealand, which puts us in the best position to meet our customers’ needs.

network of service providers

We make full use of a network of service providers that are fully integrated into the businesses operating, service, and training and compliance systems.
This means that we go where no other company currently goes. It’s not a problem for us to reach even the furthest corners of the country. At present, we can reach 85% of our network within just two days, and the rest in less than three. We can even reach Tasmania, over the sea! There is no need to worry about compromising on service, either. We are efficient, and not just fast.
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When it comes to our business, Freight Specialists is both restless and relentless. Our outlook at its core is to ensure that we continue to improve, with no excuses. We build products and provide services that fulfil our customers’ and team members’ imagination.
Operating a fully compliant linehaul and national delivery network is the foundation of Freight Specialist’s service model, however, the business is not fixed to only providing a hub and spoke model. We are able to work seamlessly with any existing client systems, essentially creating personalised solutions for all customer requirements.
We put the same level of care and attention into 3PL & Warehousing services operated by us as you would if handling these services for yourself.