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With 18 warehouses across all the major states, with one in each capital and 11 strategic facilities, we are uniquely positioned to provide the unmatched service for which we are renowned.

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3PL is the industry-abbreviated term for “third-party logistics”, which also refers to supply chain management. If you’re not familiar with the terminology, put simply, this is when a business (such as yours) makes use of the services provided by third-party businesses (such as ours) in order to outsource elements of distribution, warehousing and fulfillment services.
If you need to utilise the services of a transportation company to distribute your products, you are not alone. Most companies use third-party logistics or supply chain management in some way, shape or form. It makes things far easier, especially when you’re successful enough to need to reach markets all over the country.

We are leaders when it comes to:

Bespoke 3PL warehouse services

We operate bespoke 3PL warehouse services in all capital cities and major regional locations across Australia and New Zealand. These services can be customised to each client’s requirements. As transporters of freight across both nations, we are a one-stop stop for managing both the logistics and the actual transportation of your goods.


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33PL Warehouse


We seamlessly provide integrated operations of both warehousing and transportation services which can then be tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Using a third-party service does not need to mean sacrificing on personalised services; on the contrary, when you use Freight Specialists it actually means that you will benefit from a service which is dedicated in a way that other services simply aren’t. We may be a third party, but we care about your customers as if they were our own. After all, we want to make our clients equally happy!
Major hazard facilities and DG warehouses throughout Australia also provide the highest standard of chemical and dangerous goods storage and handling. Rest assured that you can put your trust entirely in our 3PL services.

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