Freight Specialists

Compliance and Chain of Responsibility

We have an absolute commitment to a safety-first approach within Freight Specialists. This is true of all operations within our control as well as any external functions we are engaged with. This also means that we are committed to the safety and welfare of our staff and customers alike, as well as risk mitigation measures.

Incident Free Workplace

Committed to the safety and welfare of our staff and customers alike, we are dedicated to an environment of constant improvement and accreditation. Fully compliant with government legislation and industry requirements, our goal is to create an incident free workplace that sets the benchmark for the logistics industry.

We Focus on:

safer people create
safer workplaces

In continually showing dedication to these ideals, we foster an environment of constant improvement. Accreditation is of the utmost importance to us, and as such we are fully compliant with government legislation and industry requirements at all times. We’re not about ticking boxes; we recognise that we are legally bound by these standards, but we know that adhering to them is the right thing to do. Our goal is to create an incident-free workplace that sets the benchmark for the logistics industry.
We believe that safer people create safer workplaces. Our industry-leading safe management system ensures that this is an absolute priority and leaves no room for error.
Under “chain of responsibility” guidelines we are committed to maintaining and exceeding our existing legal obligations through an internal compliance department. We hold our staff to the highest possible standards and have a zero-tolerance policy for any offenders. These guidelines work to eliminate speeding, working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and logbook tampering offences. We make sure we work closely with the relevant industry and legislative bodies to eradicate illegal behaviour in any form. In turn, this ensures that risk to your business is minimised.
We are also reducing the environmental impacts of our operations through improved business practices, environmentally friendly technologies and the behaviour of our people.

Community Consultation Manual

These fact sheets contain important information for the local community about Freight Specialists Distribution Centres across QLD, SA, NSW and VIC.
Under Chapter 9 of the Queensland, South Australian and New South Wales Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 and under Part 5.2 of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017, Freight Specialists Distribution Centres are defined as a Major Hazard Facility (MHF).
Comprehensive measures are in place to protect the community from potential hazards and it is important that you know what to do in the unlikely event of an incident with a potential for off-site impacts.

Our Services

Reliable, honest and dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, our reputation relies on uncomplicated, inclusive and on time delivery assurance on a nationwide basis.