Freight Specialists

About Us

We are a leading transport and third-party logistics service provider that leverages unsurpassed systems to provide market-leading solutions to our clients.

Our Story

Founded over 30 years ago, we provide express freight solutions from capital cities to regional areas where high-value customers throughout Australia and New Zealand exist. We help them to stay connected with the wider world in an efficient way.
Our business model encompasses the full spectrum of the supply chain including raw material and product storage through to delivery services designed to ensure customers’ products are available as close to the sales channel as possible.

high-quality and long-term client relationships

We pride ourselves in establishing high-quality and long-term client relationships. In fact, many of our customers have been working with Freight Specialists for over 25 years, as a testimony to levels of care and attention to detail.


We aim to deliver the best value possible per unit cost possible and remove client requirement for capital commitment in logistics. With a reputation built on a reliable national network that offers seamless integration with existing customer systems, we provide tailor made, “one stop shop” solutions for all your logistic needs.


To be the market leader in regional warehousing and distribution within Australia, offering our services at the lowest possible cost per unit of activity.
Freight Specialists
Freight Specialists