POD, Consignment and Track & Trace POD
Networking Australia

A dedication to customer focus and delivery, on time and on budget.

Full accreditation and clear staff training objectives, including up to date OH&S practices.

Mezzanine line haul trailers and tail lift delivery vehicles for damage minimisation.

Top down management systems that include ‘no blame’ incident reporting practices.

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Mainly company equipment and level 1 subcontractors with modern and compliant vehicles.

Quarterly internal and biannual external audits of all company facilities.

GPS tracking in all vehicles and operational cameras for incident reduction and security.

Nationwide network of strategically placed warehouses and distribution centres.

Adherence to ‘Chain of responsibility’ regulation overseen by a dedicated compliance department. Information system monitors with immediate irregularity identification.

Constant focus on positive service outcomes and client relationship management.

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Mutually agreed implementation plans unique to each customer’s service requirements.

State of the art IT platform for B2B application and customer internet tracking capabilities.

Warehouse internet for real time order progress client relevant KPI report and POD retrieval.

DC operations access and email notification of imminent order status to receiving branches.

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